About Harvist Solutions – We build SharePoint apps

Harvist Solutions invents, designs and builds SharePoint apps. We are big fans of SharePoint 2013 as a platform and the possibilities it offers to support companies in managing their business. Our objective is to build clever SharePoint apps which can be used to improve & control their processes. the Harvist Solutions team



Master Data Driven
“One truth”

  • Master Data drives the process
  • Master Data tables can be easily updated/maintained
  • Consistency in Master Data allows for cross-location reporting and promotes transparency
  • Approval workflow ensures the right people are involved in the approval process



User friendly
“Focus on the task not the administration”

  • User friendly interface
  • Drag & Drop functionality
  • Initiate pre-defined workflows with only a few mouse clicks
  • Easy to track progress of items routed for approval
  • All information in one location
  • Power BI Dashboards to track progress



Built on SharePoint
“Leverage your investment”

  • Mature platform that is readily available in the organisation and supported by IT
  • Leverage existing features for
    • Document Management
    • Permission Management
    • Workflow Management
  • Aligned with Microsoft Standards for SharePoint on premise and in the cloud

App idea?

Do you want to build Sharepoint apps for your company? Do you have an app idea to automate and simplify your business processes. We can help in designing, blueprinting and building. Contact us!

Struggling with SharePoint?

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